What They Say

What people are saying about TQ

“Notable new publications include Andy Wood’s TQ. Andy played a blinder here by creating a regular, substantial paper zine and promoting it via that fancy social media that everyone uses nowadays. With only half-a-dozen issues published he already has a bunch of great contributors and (over) a hundred subscribers. More power to him”
Rob Hayler (Radio Free Midwich) review of 2017

“Andy should be super proud of TQ zine, mind you I had total confidence in him. It was clear from meeting him that he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of music, open ears, and a tremendous energy – you can’t fail with that formula”
Joe Murray aka Posset

“The zine is enthusiastic and the descriptive writing is a pleasure to read”
Lauraine Sinclair/ subscriber

“A DIY zine by one of the most passionate experimental music fans I know”
Davy Reed/ editor of Crack music paper

"Congratulations on TQ, one of the highlights of  2017"
Dr A Reed/ subscriber

“A great read, with the benefit of one voice, and the sense that we are tapping into the muso-head of a devotee of good sounds”

Nigel Pownceby/ subscriber